Monday, October 18, 2010

Grand Junction has got a BIKE PARK!

Grand Junction, COLO- (Oct 16, 2010)

A bike park, it’s no new idea. Bike parks are popping up all over Colorado much like skateparks did 10 years ago. Bike parks can be found all around the front range including Boulder, Denver, Golden and well into the mountains. This past weekend Grand Junction opened it’s brand new bike park, the Lunch Loops Bike Park, at the base of the Lunch Loops area and Tabeguache trailhead just outside of Grand Junction.

The park, slightly hidden from view, is tucked into western end of the trailhead parking lot. Once the park becomes visible, you will certainly be amazing with what you see. This entire park, including the dual slalom course, pump track and twenty plus dirt jumps ranging from small rollers all the way up to massive doubles were all built in two weeks time!

The Lunch Loops Bike Park, is spear headed by Jen Taylor, Grand Junction local and is an Officer of the Board of Directors for COPMOBA. Jen Taylor gave some insight on the start of the park. “The idea for this park hit me one day while riding Kurt's Lane, a popular fast trail ending at the parking lot. Riding fast down the trail I came to a stop overlooking the parking area wishing the piles of dirt where still there to jump. And that is when it hit me!”

The project began that April of 2010, with the idea that a bike park in this location could do so much for the community. The already existing infrastructure of a parking lot and bathrooms made it an easy choice. Taylor also said, “The River Front trail now connects to the Monument Road bike path, making it easy for families to get out there. Not everyone does has a bike rack for their car, so this is an easy access to get kids outside and to the park.”

The actual building of the park was completed on an extremely tight time frame of two weeks. “When Jen asked if we could build this park in two weeks, it seemed a little daunting, but possible.” said Greg Mazu of Singletrack Trails. Singletrack Trails was contracted out by the city to build the park. Greg, along with six other crew members erected the park is perfect timing. The park’s grand opening Saturday brought out several hundred people from the community and further.

When asked how he felt after completing the build, James Flatten of Grassroots Cycles replied softly, “I’m tired, really tired. I came into this two week mega build after spending five days in the Utah desert building at the Red Bull Rampage. I’m glad it’s over, now we all can enjoy the hard work that brought our blisters and sore muscles.”

If you have any questions on the park, or to get directions contact the Grassroots Cycles shop at 970.243.2453 or stop by at 401 Colorado Ave. Grand Junction, CO.

Partners and Sponsors of the LLBP Include

City of Grand Junction * BLM * COPMOBA * REI * Singletrack Trails * Grassroots Cycles * Monument Graphics & Communication * All Metals Welding & Fabrication * Hanson Equipment * Whitewater Building Materials * Redlands Water & Power * Riverbend Equipment * Community Hospital * Williams Production * Enstrom’s Candies * Rocky Mountain Health Plans * Bud’s Signs * US Bank, Doubletree Hotel * MRP * White Brothers * DT Swiss * * SOAR Physical Therapy * Safari LTD * Rusk & Rusk Court Reporters * Rocky Mountain Orthopaedic Associates * the Willet Family * Bicycle Outfitters * Mountain West Periodontal Associates

LLBP pre completion, about five days of work in.

Unknown bmxer show’s his style while helping ride in the jumps Friday before the opening

Hundreds of people from all over the Grand Mesa area and beyond came out for the grand opening of the park.

Jen Taylor gives thanks back for the creation of the bike park.

With the cut of the ribbon the park was officially open.

Freshly opened to the public, Grand Junction now has a bike park located at the base of the Lunch Loops trails. Go check it out, it is an amazing thing.

Friday, October 15, 2010

I have been adding some images up to Pinkbike is one of the biggest online biking forum sites. Take a look at what I have posted. I hope you enjoy what you see!

My semi finalist image from the Red Bull Illume Image Quest

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Red Bull Illume Photobook

I got to a package today that had been delivered while on my recent travels. it came all the way from Austria. Shaped much like a laptop and weighting with the heft of one as well. Opening it up was greeted to the glossy covers of the Red Bull Illume Photobook 2010.

A letter accompanied this fancy looking book and read as follows;

Dear Devon,

Congratulations, you are a Red Bull Illume top 250 semi-finalist!

We wish to thank you as a Red Bull Illume participant for your time and commitment in submitting images to our competition and wish to further congratulate you as one of the best action and adventure sports photographers in the world.

As a memento of your success in the competition, we present you with this individually stamped and numbered limited edition copy of the Red Bull Illume Photobook 2010.

Red Bull Illume Team

I must say, I am honored.